One moon dispels the darkness, not thousands of stars.

Time matters. We are different.
We are famous for getting the job done, fast.

Vestra Clinics is a life science company, born to conduct Randomized Clinical Trials, operated in the centre of Europe, Czechia. We provide dedicated study services for phase II-III clinical trials to the international life sciences industry. As a professional team, we pride ourselves on accuracy, timing and speed. Vestra Clinics is recognized as one of the top clinical research centers for phase II-III clinical trials.

Time and Site matters. Get ready to experience the most fast and delivering site. People take notice and the excitement in the air is palpable. Visit the clinical research site, everybody speaks about! You can expect a Easy-to-Contract Environment. We deliver what we promise, fast. In the best quality, committed to the task, with predictable movements. We only enroll the best suitable subjects. We do not deviate from the protocol. Our enrollment is famous for being fast and generous. We did many qualified mistakes and we learned from it. Vestra Clinics was made for profit and is famous for clinical excellence. This enables Sponsors and CROs to tailor their needs and get the best out of their research to benefit their interests. For us service means value. We are famous for just this kind of service.

One moon dispels the darkness, not thousands of stars. What is the need of millions of stars, if one moon is shining. Vestra Clinics is a full moon in the sky of research.

We want the best trials for our patients and we offer the best accommodation for the trials in our clinical research facilities.

Who we are

In carrying out a research project, experience and the sites you choose, matters. If your research involves difficult projects, e.g. challenging recruitment, speed of data processing, excellent communication, proved working skills of the investigators and the team, rigid protocol adherence, detailed working steps and emphasis on quality, consider teaming with Vestra Clinics.

Go and search for clinical research sites. You will find a lot of hits. However, very few will approach Vestra Clinics’ quality. When faced with a difficult situation we are more likely to find the solution. See why some of the world’s largest Sponsors and CROs join Vestra Clinics for partnership in clinical trials. See why you should seriously consider contacting us.

Vestra Clinics s.r.o. was established under the name of Principia Clinical Research s.r.o. in the Czech Republic in 2008, and is a privately owned clinical research entity. Vestra Clinics maintains a team of skilled professionals, most of whom possessing background in medicine and biosciences. Four of them have served in the teaching positions of major world institutions and two others have had extensive experience directing the medical and bioinformatics operation of departments, universities and successful enterprises. More information about them can be found at this page (zde budou podrobné životopisy). The group includes study nurses, site director, investigators, sub-investigators, clinical coordinators, raters, administrator and a recruitment specialist, most of them full time employed. Vestra Clinics is managed by the site director, CEO and the Board of Directors.


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Patient testimonials

We're bringing you the stories of our patients with a series of video clips.
Learn about their experience and see what taking part in clinical trials has to offer.

This project raises awareness of this treatment. You meet other people, people with different perspectives and you gain much experience. Form your own opinion and decide and what is and what isn't suitable for you.

Mrs. Žišková has been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. She took part in a clinical study in 2014.

He was given a drug that helped him, I can tell it did. It's not that he started understanding everything and living normally but he cooperates and he doesn't get lost anymore. We spend more time together now. That's why I am so happy and grateful that something like this exists and that we were able to try it. I want more people to know about it, I strongly recommend it to other people too. It definitely has salutary effects.

Mr. Komár participated in a clinical trial for Alzheimer's disease in 2015.

This study helped me a lot. I don't know whether I was prescribed an active substance but I felt great during the trial. My seizures stopped occuring completely and my condition is stable now.

Miss Bolečková has started a course of treatment for Epilepsy and she took part in a clinical study in 2016.

Our Values and Principles

Vestra Clinics truly cares for the patients. See our Patient’s webpage and download our pamphlets both for the Patients and for the Sponsors / CROs as well. Vestra Clinics has a full-time Recruitment and Start-Up Consultant, who have implemented fluid processes for effectively enrolling patients in compliance with local and international applicable laws and regulations and ethical requirements.

Vestra Clinics provides added value to sponsors / CROs by being dedicated just to clinical research. All clinical trials are conducted in full compliance with ICH-GCP, US FDA, EMEA, HHS and HIPAA regulations, as well as local regulations. Vestra Clinics has established stringent internal processes to assure high quality data and financial management. We have frequently been ranked as the ‘best’ site in multinational trials – highest quality with the highest recruitment rates. Vestra Clinics operation is aligned with the needs of the sponsor / CRO as defined in the study protocol and the clinical trial agreement.

Our Structure and Procedures

Vestra Clinics comprises a professional team of research enthusiasts, including fully board licensed therapeutic area physicians. We have developed an efficient organization for industry-sponsored clinical trials comprising of:

  • a large pool of pre-screened patients
  • specialized experienced clinical investigators, and
  • written study site standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Dr. Ladislav Pazdera Owner and CEO of Vestra Clinics is a stroke neurologist by training and has acted as the principle investigator in more then 50 industry-sponsored clinical trials. Dr. Pazdera received sabbatical fellowship training in Boston, USA at New England Medical Center and Beth Israel teaching hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School. As the CEO, Dr. Pazdera has the support of a Board of Directors of external experts and a local Executive Team. He is also a Key Opinion Leader for some cooperating Sponsors / CROs.

Vestra Clinics study site is managed by Jitka Adamcová, BA, together witch clinical nurses, coordinators, raters and physicians - investigators. All are professional, experienced and dedicated clinical research staff.

Vestra Clinics utilizes a local ethics committee (EC), operating to local and international guidelines and regulations for ethical review and acceptance of clinical trial protocols. The duration for the EC review is between one and two weeks including weekends and holidays. The EC has a fixed fee for reviewing industry-sponsored clinical trial protocols.

Research Site Overview

Vestra Clinics is located at: Jiráskova 1389, 516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou, European Union, Czech Republic.

The location in a standalone private building with easy access and free parking right outside. The research clinic is supported by a well-functioning public transportation system with pick up and drop off stops nearby the clinic. The research clinic constitutes ten rooms comprising a floor plan of about 300 square meters. Vestra Clinics is well-known for providing an outstanding environment for both clinical trial conduct associates and for patients. Clinical Trial Area consists of 5 Examining Rooms, Case Report Filing Rooms, Reception and Waiting Area, Dedicated Clinical Trial Area. The facility is fully equipped with professional staff and all necessary devices, including ECG, freezers and centrifuges.

Vestra Clinics is built to accommodate persons with disabilities as well.


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No of Studies Conducted in Total (1995 - 2017)
No of Recent Studies (2013 - 2017)
No of Recent Patients Enrolled (2013 - 2017)
Median Retention Rate (%)
Median SF Rate (%)

Patient studies

  • Alzheimer dementia studies

    In last four Alzheimer dementia studies with idalopirdine and intepirdine we randomized 84 patients. The target number of patients (TNP) was 66. We exceeded the TNP by 20%, 40% and even for 70% respectively. In one of these studies we finished as the best recruiting site in the world. In others we ended up amongst the best 10% of recruiting sites.

  • Epilepsy studies

    in last five Epilepsy studies with eslicarbazepine we randomized 48 patients, whereas the TNP was schedule for just 35 patients. So we exceeded the TNP by 40% or even 90% od randomized patients. In one of these studies we were the best recruiters in the world.

  • Preladenant with de novo Parkinson’s studies

    In a study with preladenant with de novo Parkinson’s patients we exceeded the TNP (10) by 40% od randomized subjects. For this particular group of de novo treatment naive patients we were the best recruiters in Europe.

  • Spondylarthritis study

    For a recent study of spondylarthritis we finished with 70% above the targeted number in just 6 weeks, where the study was delayed for almost a year and we were asked to be a rescue site.

  • Spasticity study

    In a study of spasticity we exceeded the TNP (45) by 10% and we ended up as the second best site in the world.

  • Pain studies

    In two pain studies with quetenza we exceeded the TNP (25) by 30% and 50% od randomized patients 36. We were the best recruiters in the world.

Almost in all studies we screened the first patient immediately after the initiation visit or right the week after.

Therapeutic Areas and Experiences

Clinical research services can be presently applied to the following therapeutic areas. Vestra Clinics has access to large prescreened patients population in all of those therapeutic areas:

  • MCI; Dementia and Alzheimer disease; Prodromal and Preclinical phases as well
  • Neuropathic, Post-Herpetic and Low Back pains; Chronic pain;
  • Osteoarthritis pain and Fibromyalgia;
  • Cardiac and Vascular Diseases;
  • Lipids and Sugar Metabolism Diseases;
  • Migraine Treatment and Prevention;
  • Vertigo;
  • Movement disorders like Parkinson disease, Restless Leg Syndrome; ect.
  • Stroke prevention;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Spasticity;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Neurotic disorders, Stress-related and Somatoform Disorders, ADHD, Binge eating disorders, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For patients with dementia we run our Memory Clinic and Cognitive Training Clinic.

Quality Assurance

Vestra Clinics has implemented a quality assurance program both for administrative tasks and for trial conduct. The quality assurance program includes written standard operating procedures (SOPs), new staff induction program, continues educational activities and regular internal compliance review activities. Sponsors / CROs are welcome to review Vestra Clinics’ SOPs, educational program including staff training records and internal review reports.


Vestra Clinics collaborates with a wide range of international pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This collaborations is ether made directly with the life-sciences industry or with clinical research services providers (CROs).

Vestra Clinics collaborations include:


  • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., Inc.
  • Allergan
  • Angelini
  • Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.
  • Avanir Pharmaceuticals
  • Axovant Sciences Ltd.
  • AZTherapies, Inc.
  • Bial-Portela & Ca, S.A.
  • Biotie Therapies, Inc.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd.
  • EISAI Medical Research, Inc.
  • Forum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Frank Longo - (Investor Iniciated)
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Grunenthal GmbH
  • GW Research Ltd.
  • H. Lunbeck A/S
  • Heptares Therapeutics Limited
  • Hoffman La-Roche
  • Janssen-Cilag
  • Lupin Limited
  • Merck & Co.
  • Merz Pharmaceutical GmbH
  • Muldipharma Research GmbH & Co.KG
  • NeuroDerm Ltd.
  • Novartis Pharma AG
  • Orion Pharma
  • Peter Sandercock - (Investor Iniciated)
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Purdue Pharma
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Servier, Institut de Recherches International
  • Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

Contact Research Organizations (CROs) includes:

  • Covance Inc.
  • EastHORN Clinical Services
  • GW Research Ltd.
  • ICON Clinical Research
  • INC Research
  • inVentiv Health
  • Omnicare Clinical Research
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), LLC.
  • PharmatrophiX
  • PRA Health Sciences
  • QuintilesIMS
  • Scope International
  • TFS International AB
  • Worldwide Clinical Trials, Ltd.

Clinical Trial Agreement and Budget

Vestra Clinics has implemented an efficient and fast review process of clinical trial agreements (CTAs) and budget estimation. Both the CTA and the budget is accepted and signed by the CEO of Vestra Clinics. It is however advisable that the sponsor / CRO will initiate the clinical trial negotiation process as soon as possible to avoid any delay in the initiation of a trial. Vestra Clinics will complete a trial budget proposal by seven days maximum following the receipt of the final study protocol.


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Jiráskova 1389, 51601 Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Czech Republic

Jitka Adamcová

Site Director

+420 607 818 683

Darina Fialová


+420 605 540 756

Helena Kroulová


+420 604 363 823

Dáša Kudláčková

Start-Up Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

+420 774 957 527

Ladislav Pazdera


+420 604 236 033

Jan Tomš


+420 776 241 010

Ladislav Veselý


+420 739 519 374

Ecaterina Zaporojan


+420 603 324 163

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